SOCIAL WRAP-UP: Jo the Giant

Since December 2017, EYCO. Agency has handled client Jo the Giant’s Instagram account. We conducted a brand audit, created a social strategy and plan to find out the exact goal we needed to accomplish. Up until now, we’ve been able to make a difference in the client’s social media engagement and brand.

Here’s a snapshot of what we were able to capture!

Our Goals:

  • Create a style aesthetic with mood invoking and color focused pictures; story with captions.
  • Share stories, testimonies, and information about who Jo the Giant is.

  • Increase engagement and awareness by 10%.

  • Post photos 2-3x a times day.

What We Achieved:

  • Engagement and followers increased by 20%.

  • A clean aesthetic layout completely changed to color-focused photos.

  • Shared quotes and inspirational messages from hashtags, like #WordsfromtheGiant, #MorningCupofJo, and #CupofJo to invoke followers’ moods.

  • Posted 3 times a day for maximum exposure and engagement within following.

Engagement is our number one goal for our social media clients - your following (brand’s audience) is who MATTERS, so connecting with them is super important. We make this a priority!

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