EVENT RECAP: Magic Bubbles Making with Mrs. Ashlee + Genius Patch’s Read & Play

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On Friday, December 30, Genius Patch hosted their last Read & Play workshop of 2017 at Our Little Big World in Ferndale, MI. Filled with story-telling and an interactive experiment, Mrs. Ashlee vibrantly led the group of six children to learn about one of her books, “Niko and the Trouble Bubble.” This book served as the theme for the day’s event by incorporating science aspects of what a bubble is made of. Mrs. Ashlee started reading the book aloud first while continuously asking questions and making sure the little genius' knew what was going on from the shapes, colors, and words.

Next, Mrs. Ashlee and the children transitioned into an activity - a magic bubble experiment, which tied in with the book. The children read parts of the book before guessing what ingredients were needed to make the magic bubbles. The trick to blowing bubbles on the table is also adding the solution to a surface, so the bubbles have something to stick to.

All activities encouraged interaction and subject learning.

While this event focused on science, Mrs. Ashlee managed to alternate subjects between her three published books. 

To learn more about Mrs. Ashlee and one of Genius Patches next Read & Play workshops, follow them on social media. 

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Written by: Jailyn Glass, Public Interactions Manager

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