EYCO Gives Back Choose Winners for Branding Services

Message from Creative Director:

We, the Creative M.O.B., are committed to giving back to the community.

I created our new community initiative, EYCO Gives Back, as a way to assist and lend creative expertise to organizations giving back to the community. I will personally work one-on-one with the non-profit organization that receives the most support from their friends, family, and followers through votes.

With 19 organizations, in the running - in less than 12 hours we received close to 1000 votes! Needless to say, the support of these organizations were REAL - which you can imagine made the votes really close. 

Special congratulations to the Fight for Life Campaign for bringing in a majority vote. The Fight for Life Campaign, formally known as Anti Suicide Jesus is the Answer, mission is to encourage each and every individual to choose life in Jesus Christ and not die.  It's their goal to reduce suicide statistics. 

Everyone from different walks of life is FIGHTING FOR THEIR LIVES! Fighting against sickness, fighting against suicide, fighting against depression, fighting for acceptance, fighting for their family, fighting to keep a sane mind, fighting to accept who God has called them to be. Above all that you are fighting for! Above all that Satan is attacking you with! God created you with PURPOSE! You have a reason to keep on living, keep on fighting, and keep on striving! 


The other organizations in the top four were: 

AMBITIOUS GIRLS, INC. Ambitious Girls, Inc. works to help Girls G.R.O.W-Get Ready to lead Our World, while full of themselves in terms of love, confidence, worth, esteem, and growth but most important of all the Lord destines them to be!

VILLAGE OF WINGS A Village of Wings has taken on the VOW to reestablish a VILLAGE atmosphere back into neighborhoods, families and surrounding organizations. It is a promise that we have committed through our hearts to lend a hand to whoever is in need, to open our hearts to unite and strengthen parents, youth and the community. A Village of Wings has hosted an abundance of outreach events that have supported youth, Fathers, Mothers, elderly, the homeless, foster children, young ladies who were in human trafficking and neighborhoods. Our love is not is limited and we vow to be the village as long as we can.

SHE WHO WINS  She Who Wins is a movement on a mission to encourage, inspire, and educate women to discover their identity pursue their purpose, and maximize their winning potential. It is our vision to be an impactful movement, cultivating a generation of winning women who are confident in their identity, passionately pursuing purpose, and maximizing their potential. This will be accomplished by producing inspirational apparel and providing social, educational, and spiritual enrichment events. 

Because the votes between Fight for Life and Ambitious Girls, Inc were so close (only shy of 10) - the Creative M.O.B. has agreed to offer Ambitious Girls, Inc a complimentary Social Media Strategy Session!