lover of all things media & positive vibes


Kristy Stanford, professionally known as Kristy Love is a lover of all things media and positive vibes!  It was during college that Kristy first explored her passion for media, and went on to host two of her own campus radio shows. Kristy continued to fine-tune her craft after graduation and continued to follow her dreams as she moved into adulthood. It is quite evident that Kristy Love is a positive rarity in the field of entertainment. 



Complete Visual Rebrand, Website Development, Strategy, Content Development & Workshop Planning


It is quite evident that Kristy Love is a positive rarity in the field of entertainment. With her bubbly personality and genuine spirit, Kristy is sure to leave a sparkle everywhere she goes, including her virtual home kristylovemedia.com. Her website houses, her newly developed services, her blog, the with love show and her new venture her podcast. 


It's no secret, how much Kristy loves positive vibes. Positive Affirmations became one of Kristy's staple pieces. Because of this, we strategized a social media campaign, 31 days of positive affirmations, to share 31 of her favorite affirmations. 


Kristy is not only a pro in front of the camera, but she's a master behind the camera, too! Having done work for Detroit Public Television, Local 4 Detroit WDIV, and CBS 62, Kristy has solidified her position as a up - and - coming media mogul in the Metro-Detroit market.

In addition, to the rebranding Kristy Love, we also developed a new look for KL Media which produces shows, commercials and documentaries for local entrepreneurs.